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Adding Color

Well of Urd: Technique: The Importance of the Words Previously, Meanwhile and Later

I’m hoping that this post will become the first in a series of irregular short features on relatively simple, painless techniques we can use to introduce more color to our gaming.

I hope so too.

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Neither to bitch nor to moan, but one problem I *know* we have (and I say “we” as Player and “we” as erstwhile GM) is a set of Peanut Gallery players who, for a variety of reasons (very few of them specifically awful) cannot allow more than three words out of someone’s mouth without an interruption, bon mot, question, distraction, joke, anecdote, pun, or bit of show tune.
Which makes it damned hard to put forward engaging dialog and scene-setting as either a Player or GM, I know. Just as I know I’m at least as huge an offender as anyone else.

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