have Spy, will travel

Have Games, Will Travel — Go to #73. Play it. Skip to 11 minutes in and listen to him talking about Wilderness of Mirrors.
“This game fixes every problem I’ve ever had with the spy genre.”
His description of how the ‘mission prep’ works in Wilderness of Mirrors, versus how “planning” works in other spy games makes me laugh in regret over Spycraft’s system, and hungry for the awesome way it works in WoM. It’s HOT.
I want this thing so bad, and it’s just not available yet. 🙁


  1. I need to find time to do some GenCon acquisition reviews…
    This game is definitely one of the high points. It’s somewhat incomplete (being more the just-fleshed-out “here’s what I would do if asked to do the perfect spy game” than “here’s the perfect spy game”), but what it does it does very well.
    Planning is spectacularly done. The base concept (that an agent is “good at everything, better at their specialty” beats the more familiar “great at their specialty, otherwise pretty blah” result forced by mis-concieved game balance issues) is perceptive and well presented. The whole rules set is brief enough it can be learned, taught, and executed with minimal effort.
    A stellar game, and I hope it gets into more people’s hands quickly.

  2. Man, I just went and looked at your purchase list for GenCon — the RPGs alone have me drooling (when I don’t already have em. 🙂 Color me envious. 🙂

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