Super in a non-supers way

It occured to me a few days ago that I have very very few character City of Heroes or City of Villains that actually fit into the mold of a superhero comic book. Out of the (vast) stable of characters at my disposal, Hang Time, Strategist, and maybe Hyperthermian are the only characters I’ve got that could be dropped into a silver- or modern-age super hero comic with no one noticing. I think one of the reasons those three characters have gotten the lion’s share of my play time and roleplay and fiction-creation (still true, even now when I’ve got a lot of other toons at high-ish levels) is BECAUSE they fit the genre the best.
No great revelation there, but I think it’s interesting none the less.
I wonder if some of those other characters would be more compelling to me in the context of Paragon City if I tweaked their concepts a bit — would ToonX be more playable for me if I altered him to the point where he’d be a good Teen Titan or Avengers fit?