The common reference point of which all others are but Shadow

You know… all this searching for common language in terms of game-stuff made me realize something else.
I might never play another Amber game the rest of my life, but (at least here, with the people I’m likely to be talking about this stuff with) the Amber setting and NPCs provides an excellent ‘common language’ for example situations of play. 🙂


  1. Indeed.
    Hell, talking about it is making feel nostalgic for it. I *like* playing (or playing against) those characters … 🙂

  2. [now far, far behind in reading comments, but hey, I’ve got the rest of the work day]
    It’s also got the advantage that many Amber players have different expectations about how much input a player can have into the game. We’ve been trained outside the AD&D box.
    I can’t seem to escape it myself. I still want to run the Amber/DitV crossover of Unicorn Church Missionaries.

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