The Typhoid Bay Buccaneers will sail again! :)

Via Story Games:

I really loved Blood Bowl. I loved the idea. I loved all the little asides in the books, the pictures, the gags, the teams and races, imagining this absurd game of fantasy football. The Star Player (yellow) and Companion (red) are still sitting on my shelf, and the game itself is buried somewhere along with some painted miniatures. I used to be dreaming up teams, matches, whole seasons. There were a couple of problems, though:
1) There were never enough players available for running a whole league or something, and it took loooong.
2) There was never enough money to buy all those minis and seldom the skill and leisure to paint them.
3) The actual game wasn’t that much fun since the rules were kind of imbalanced and, well, crappy.
For 13 long years, I didn’t think a lot about Blood Bowl. I loved the game it could have been, not the game it was. And then I learned, only now, that it has become that game.
FUMBBL :: Online Blood Bowl League
((Like I need more ways to waste time, but MAN…))

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  1. Now why does this seem more wholesome a timewaster than the Cosmic Encounters on-line? Oh yeah, because it’s couched in the language of the state religion: football!

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