Took a minute to go look at the CoH forums and take stock of all the crap I’ve written up there and have yet to move.
Eh. Wondering if it’s worth it. Much as I like some of the Epitaph stuff (amnesia — what is it about amnesia stories?), and being moderately impressed with the… sheer MASS of the Hang Time stuff…
I mean, the writing (when I was actually writing and not just grabbing logs of online rp) was decent, but it’s not as though I can’t write something else just as good or better that hasn’t got sticky little ‘legal use’ issues glommed onto it.
Well. We’ll see.


  1. You can always just do “Save As HTML” for each page to a file (without putting it online yet). Then you’ve got it, but fairly quickly. Should be able to do that in about an hour or two of effort.

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