I haven’t posted any screenies from CoH in awhile, so before I get into a bunch of costume changes with the i8 stuff (Bear is SO getting a kilt), here’s some older ones I’d been meaning to share:

I’ve talked about the Brightsides before, but I’ve never really posted a picture of them. Here’s Mr. B and Lady Optimism, showing some Arachnos troops the Bright side… of his Power Gauntlets!

We put the “personal” in “personal injury”.
Halloween came around, and the Brights went with what they know — Lady Optimism dressed up as a cheerleader, and with an outfit like that, what could Matthew do but dress up as the fullback?

(Of course they dress alike… they’re those kind of people. 🙂
Also for Halloween, the Munchies got a few costumes together — we decided to try to emulate various famous heroes in Paragon City. Ho Ho dressed up as Infernal…

… and Bear did Manticore.

… those it’s hard to be as H-O-T as his Errol Flynn look. ((Ironically, Bear’s a claws scrapper — the bow is just a temp power that’s more useful as a prop and chick-magnet than a weapon. 🙂 ))

Somehow, I didn’t get a picture of Ginger dressed up as Swan, and that is just a CRIME.
Random Bits
I really like Dolmen — he’s got a voodoo killer vibe going that I really like in a villain. This is his second costume, in which we find out that the tattoo pattern on his first outfit is just a copy of his real tats.

I don’t even know who this is, hitting a level here, but it sure is pretty…

Finally, I put this guy in here just for Dave. I have no idea who was running the toon, but he’s made it all the way to Talos so far.

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