With the holidays just winding down, there hasn’t been much gaming going on around the Casa, but I’ll mention what there has, and speculate about what’s coming up.
Current — and mostly MMOs
Kate brought her lappy with her on this trip to get some work done, and with the blizzard confining us for a couple days, we did do quite a bit of CoH playing — probably about 10 hours, all told. Generally, this all had to do with the Christmas event. I got most of the badges and powers on Hangtime (and Hang-time, with the Deepfreeze Debutante) and Aeric (my Ice/Storm controller, teamed up with Kate’s Sophie), who even got the Sekrit Fifth Badge and also dinged level 14 and got proper Flight (the only problem I’ve had with him is a 4 for 4 failure rate on Safegaurd Missions with him — the only toon I’ve tried them with so far). Hype and Pummelcite ran the winter missions enough to get the two “temp” powers (both of which have such a long duration on them they’re effectively permanent), which was actually a lot of fun. Pummelcite is fun to team up with Noelle, but Hype and Noelle are (and always have been) really fun and just plain EASY to team together. So many Hold Powers. 🙂 Pummelcite hit level 34 at some point in there, and actually got pretty far along the way to 35, thanks to running a couple of Noelle’s missions after we got all our wintry goodness taken care of.
Mister Brightside and Lady Optimism also got mixed up in the winter hijinx (and also ran a couple regular missions) — both dinged 15.
Markov and Shadowslip did the bare minimum of winter missions necessary for the powers, then switched to regular missions and dinged Shadowslip to 28.
During the weekend I tried to solo the winter mission with Strategist, Damosel Distress, Dolmen, and a couple others — absolutely no luck, and only Damosel and Dolmen really came close to having a chance. Only Aeric actually soloed the missions successfully (and several times over) — he was the first guy I tried to do it with, early on, and it left me really surprised at the survivability of that character in certain situations that killed lots of other toons.
Kate also did some solo work with Deepfreeze Debutante and Shadowslip, but I honestly couldn’t tell if she was running missions or collecting as many Christmas Presents as possible — she seemed to be having fun regardless. While she was doing that, I spent some time on Kirin Tor WoW server, mostly playing my dwarven paladin Kayti, though I did team up with the NYC group, playing my orcish hunter Grezzk — nice to team up with folks I knew.
The Mountain Witch Play-by-Forum game was on a bit of hold during the holidays, but we’re getting started up again today. Good stuff — lots of fun.
Starting Back Up
Dogs in the Vineyard Game, running regularly, with Dave, Margie, Randy, and Jackie. There’s at least a few more towns worth of play there.
The TSoY-based “Italiante Steampunk” game with Dave, Margie, and Randy — we’ve done chargen, now it’s time to start PLAYING.
A Dictionary of Mu game with participants undecided.
Alternately, I’m really interested in running or playing in Primetime Adventures, Agon, and/or Mortal Coil.
Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings.

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