Mayday, mayday

Although they are just as flammable and thus, just as fun, the zeppelins of World of Warcraft are quite a bit smaller than the Big Uns folks then to think of when they think of Zeppelins for pulp games. The ‘passenger’ section (which is basically water-going ship design, handing from the hydrogen balloon on ropes) is only about 20 or 30 feet from stem to stern, with a top deck and an enclosed lower deck — in the Amber game or the regular SotC game, it’d be a ‘personal zeppelin’, which right there is a concept I hadn’t even thought of, and kind of love — an aerial houseboat. 🙂
Also, this shot of a downed ‘mini-zeppelin’ caught in a tree in WoW’s Stranglethorn Vale gives me ideas. 🙂

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  1. I vaguely recall reading that some rich Englishman had a personal dirigible back in the day and used to ride it to his club, tying it up to the roof.

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