Galactic: good for the brain, bad for the eyes

I was going to write up a post about the character/universe generation for the Galactic game from this weekend (a complete campaign I’m foolishly trying to cram into the space between here and mid-December), but I wanted to transfer everyone’s notes up to the wiki first.
And reading their [censored] awful handwriting, I am now totally [censored] blind, so you’ll have to wait for the update until I learn how to read braille.
I thought *my* handwriting was bad. Holy hell.
Anyway, the stuff I sacrificed my eyes to transcribe is on the wiki here.

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  1. I had grave doubts as I left the pieces of paper on the table — largely because I knew my scrawl was particularly bad (next time: pre-announce that you’ll be transcribing the info).
    I’ll take a peek and patch up what on mine (a) looks wrong and (b) I can remember what it was supposed to be.

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