A couple screenshots from World of Warcraft

Really, what is an MMO but a mini-vacation? And what should you do on a vacation? You take pictures.
I’ll have some screenies from LotRO soon as well, because they are much prettier. WoW is much more comic-book style, but pretty in it’s own way… or maybe I’m just a nerd.
WoW_Prince Action
This image is from a Karazhan run that, judging from the gear I’m wearing and who I’m grouped with, was probably about 2 or 3 months ago. First, I like this picture because it’s kind of a heroic action shot: Grezzk has just released an arrow at Prince Malcheezar, Octan’s water elemental is blasting an ice bolt over my head at the target… it’s cool.
Second, it’s a pretty good shot of my customized user interface in action. I’ve tweaked the look of the game a lot from the default (thanks to Blizzard making the UI pretty much open-source for developers to mess with at will and release addons for). If you click on the picture above, it links to the Flickr page where I’ve made a bunch of notes on the elements in the picture, just because I’ve never done that before, and it was pretty fun to do.
Whoops. I killed Dr. Boom.
Who’s Dr. Boom? Officially, he’s a guy you’re supposed to kill in this one quest in Netherstorm — a mad goblin who specializes in making exploding robots or something. The thing is, the guy has like like a million-zillion hit points, so in the quest you get some special bombs that you can chuck at him if you can get close enough — hit him with like four of them and he goes down. Unofficially, his stupidly high health and the fact that he never aggros on you — just surrounds himself with bombs — means that ranged DPS like mages and hunters can use him to test out new shot rotations with a DPS-meter running to see what options do more damage, without worrying about (a) killing your target or (b) dying.
I had cause to use him for that purpose last weekend.
Turns out, you will eventually have to worry about (a).