Syncerus dings 70

So my “second main” is now 70. Syncerus (so named because I made him look like a water buffalo in horn-style, face, and coloration, and because Stonestrider was already taken) is a tauren (read: tribal society of minotauresque humanoids) druid (read: shapeshifters and tree huggers).
It took approximately half as much time to get Syn to 70 as it took Grezzk — a bit over 12 days. I don’t know when I created him, but he’s third on my login screen after Grezzk and… the character who sits in one of the major cities and checks prices of items for me on the auction house. Seriously, I have no idea who’s in the ‘created second’ slot, but that’s all I use them for. I think it’s a rogue… so, yes, I put a rogue in charge of my money — Margie would find that funny.
ANWAY, let’s have a little Picture Pages fun with Syncerus.
Syncerus at the Login
This is Syncerus at the login screen, with the grassy plains, traditional tribal background you see behind all Tauren characters at login.
I really love tauren characters. The only real problem I have with them is that all characters move the same speed by default, which means that little characters like gnomes get animated with really fast little steps (and thus seem to move faster), and Tauren – as the biggest toons in the game – have a kind of slow, loping gait that feels slow. Luckily, I have a cheetah form and now a BIRD FORM, so the slow movement feel doesn’t bother me much.
In addition to being a druid with a number of sexy animal forms I’m not going to show you, Syncerus is a herbalist (Tauren get a nice boost to this skill that carries through the game) and a skinner (very ‘leave no part of the animal unused’), so the open plains of Nagrand are very… *tidy* after he come through on a hunting spree.
Anyway, that login screen is how Syn looks now, when he’s in “healer mode”. Let’s look at the horrible way he looks when he’s NOT all healing and stuff.
Armored Clown Suit
This is the gear Syncerus was wearing just as he dinged 70… kind of. Actually, I think I’ve already put on some level 70 gear, so even THIS outfit matches a bit more than the armored clown suit he usually had on.
This is the gear that Syn’s now wearing when he’s tanking (though you’ll never see it, because he’s busy being a DIRE BEAR RAWR), or being a claw-your-face kitty (which is how I run my normal quests.) It’s slightly better looking than the old stuff, but only just barely.
I need about one more good night of battlegrounds (wherein, ironically, I heal) to get rid of those hideous green shoulders and replace them with… well, seriously the best shoulderguards for bear-tanking in the game. I’m still nowhere near where I need to be on my tanking stats to be able to tank a Raid of any kind — there’s a lot of little niggling bits I need to take care of, but I’m getting there.
Visually, I also have a little more leather to gather before I can make the leg armor that matches the tough-guy-armor that you see on his feet and chest and hands… it’s a full set that’s pretty much the definitive gear for tanks at his level, and also probably (mostly) won’t be replaced before the new expansion comes out.
At that point, he’ll pretty much match from head to hoof while tanking… the way he does when healing.
I have, shall we say, had a lot more luck (and been, I will be honest, more motivated) to gather pretty decent gear for his healer-mode equipment.
Looking 4 haelz?
This is Syn wearing the shiny new gear that was waiting for his "healing mode" set, once he hit 70. The most visible pieces (the Shoulders and and the “robe”) are also kind of the weakest — pieces I picked up when I became “honored” with some key factions. They’re nice, but I’ll probably have better fairly soon. The best stuff I’m wearing is barely visible, if at all.
Underneath the robe I’m already wearing, I am not ashamed to admit, one of the better pieces of druidic healing gear in the game – though the name (“Pants of Living Growth”) makes me smirk. My guild leader gave em to me, as well as that HUGE mace on my belt — which is pretty much the best non-epic one-handed healer-weapon out there; I’ll replace it, but not soon, unless I’m lucky.
The best pieces are the smallest. You see that little headpiece he’s got on, sort of giving him a second set of horns? That particular head piece is roughly equivalent in ‘power level’ to the stuff that drops off Kael’thas Sunstrider, the boss that my guild is working to take down for the first time at this point (If you speak WoW-raiding, we’re 6/6 SSC, 4/5 TK, 3/6 Hyjal). I got the piece through being a damned awesome healer in the pvp battlegrounds (seriously, we almost never lose a battleground), and I worked my gently-swishing, bovine tail off to get it, so people who want to bitch about ‘welfare epics’ can bite me – I know how much work raiding is, and I did just as much work in a damned PuG environment to get this single piece of gear. I also spent a lot of gold last night putting the best gems I could find into it. I sincerely doubt I’ll replace that piece soon.
Anyway, I went from level 69 and generally able to handle healing the lower-level-60 dungeons, to this gear; at which point in time my mana pool (9500), bonus to healing (+1050) and mana regen rate (145 in-combat) all jumped to right about where they need to be for me to heal the first level 70 ten-man dungeon — just a huge jump. I promptly went out and found a Shadow Labyrinth run to heal, and it went very well, even though almost all my talent points are still in Feral abilities, not Restoration (40/21 “feral swiftness” build).
I really, really, really hope I get a chance to go on a Karazhan run soon and see if I’m correct in my assessment.
Hi there.
Sometimes I wave to the Alliance guys in the battlegrounds while my teammates are beating the hell out of them (something I remember Lee doing with his healer on CoH, and now I know why). It’s those little things that bring a smile to the bearcow’s lips.
A fight in the battlegrounds against the same number of opponents is pretty much a toin coss — unless one side has a healer. It’s amazing how much of a difference even one person totally dedicated to healing makes in a fight.
I like doing PvP on Grez, but that’s pretty much a soloist’s game for me — a blaster-vs-blaster situation where I’m just trying to get the other guy to 0 before he does the same to me.
With Syncerus, I hold the line.
And finally, the definitive picture of Syn.
As any MMO player knows, this is usually all I see of my character.
Look at those shoulder guards! Peripheral vision is for the WEAK!


  1. Oops. Sorry, that headpiece doesn’t drop off Kael’thas, but from Lady Vashj.
    We actually drop Vashj every week — to quote one of our Brooklyn-based warlocks, she goes down like a crack whore with a bad knee.

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