I swear, it’s not me.

Once again, while I was out of town, the WoW guild my main character was a part of disbanded.
Said guild was the one true Horde ‘end game’ raiding guild on Farstriders – a ‘low-pop’ server that I transferred to a year ago when it was first brought online. It was a very successful guild for the player base — in the time I’ve been with them we’ve fought and defeated some stuff in the game that I NEVER thought I would see before the next expansion came out. I can’t say I was really friends with any of the guys in the guild, but I respected the leadership — they were good guys.
And now, just before the expansion comes out and everyone starts their big push to the new level cap and into the new content… I’m at loose ends again. This makes GoH the third guild that’s disbanded while I was afk.
I moved my second-alt to another server about a month ago — due to other stuff going on in my life, I haven’t spent a ton of time with those guys, but they seem pretty cool, and Cenarion Circle is a pretty high-population server with a robust player base… maybe I’ll go there.
Then again, they just made it possible to transfer your characters from PvE to PvP realms, so I *could* move Grezzk to the PvP server that I know people on… or the one that Lee has some active characters on…
I’m definitely going to move servers, I think. I know that much. I just dunno where. I’d really like to get into a group that will have a good time leveling up and ‘learning’ the new expansion.
I’ll try to leave my guild-killing-karma on Farstriders. ūüėõ