Life in a Wormhole: Making room and Settling In

Bree is back in the wormhole, albeit only with one of her Buzzard cov-ops ships and not her entire fleet, which is still awaiting a closer connection. That’s fine, since Ty has a number of ships she can fly if we decide to celebrate her return with violence.

That’s of course what we do; the neighboring class one is thick with sleeper sites, so I and CB and she set out to prune things down to more manageable levels. The loot isn’t great, because we selected sites based on proximity rather than wealth, but it feels good to blow stuff up after a day involving hundreds of jumps and lots and lots of scanning.

After we finish our shooting and salvaging, I rearrange the base a bit and we all take a break.

When I return, I want to do a bit of shopping, but our persistent highsec connection is a bit useless, so down it goes! Berke starts crashing his Orca back and forth through the wormhole, and CB conveniently logs in just when we need a battleship to safely seal the deal.

Well, not entirely safely. Either my math is off or our luck is poor — CB gets stranded out in highsec when the wormhole comes down, and twiddles his thumbs while B locates our new exit.

We’re now connected to the Essence region of Gallente space, which is useful for a number of reasons — close to Dodixie (my preferred market system) for one thing, so Ty heads off to buy stuff. CB, stranded in the wilds of Amarr space, takes a risky but very effective shortcut through lowsec with his pointy Dominix battleship, but finds no one interested in bothering him as he warps through the lawless regions.

Meanwhile, Bree checks the exit and finds it not too horribly far away from where she stashed all the ships she brought back from Curse. A little wheedling from Berke is all it takes to get his Orca jumping to her stash. There and Back Again takes a pretty long time in the massive ship, but Berke is able to pack in everything except for one Iteron IV industrial hauler (which she pilots back) and a Ferox-class battlecruiser that I come to retrieve (having finished his shopping).

The evening ends with Bree well and truly moved into the wormhole; only a few of her assets still remain in known space at all; socked away in the rusty corners of Minmatar space, where our wormhole rarely connects.

Ships are stowed, skill queues are double checked, and I’m off to South Dakota for a few days, where I believe the state motto is “you can’t get an internet connection here.” Hopefully everything will be roughly where I left it when I get back.