Life in a Wormhole: The Lulling Sounds of Laser fire #eveonline

The home system continues to recover, new sleeper sites popping up like dandelions, and while the tasty radar anomaly beckons, I prefer to save those for nights when everyone is online, so the best move for this evening looks like hitting our C1 connection, which leads us to a system that is (nominally) populated, but much-neglected. It’s quite common to find class one wormholes where the inhabitants have set up a (large) number of towers kitted out for the production of “tech 3” cruisers built from designs reverse-engineered from sleeper ships and their recovered technology.

(Yeah, the pinnacle of current ship-building technology in EVE is a series of modular cruisers built from the salvaged parts of sentient machines that attack humankind on sight. I’m sure nothing will ever go wrong with THAT.)

Anyway, this looks like that sort of system: almost a dozen towers all churning away at various technological enterprises, only a single pilot online; a little research indicates that the pilot is a dedicated tower-refueling alt who appears to be sleeping on the job. No matter: dozens of sleeper sites beg for a good shooting. We are only too happy to oblige, and find ourselves adequately equipped for the task. As usual, I get Ty into one of our Gila cruisers, Bre grabs her Drake, and CB downgrades from his Dominix into my heretical, shield-tanked Gallente battlecruiser we’ve dubbed the Myrmidrake.

Despite the fact that the thing looks like a misused toy some child dropped off a fire escape, I've grown to love the capabilities of this ugly, UGLY ship. Small enough to enter Class 1s, able to solo everything up to Class 3s, and tied for the largest drone bay in the game, which gives it all kinds of versatility. Best of all, you can get one all-but-free by completing the Gurista Pirates epic story arc. Love it.

The run goes smoothly, the local pilot (like the kid sprawled on my lap) is lulled into unconsciousness by the regular, searing hum of sleeper lasers clawing at our shields, so we are not interrupted in-game or out. CB and I split up salvaging duties while Bre sits overwatch, and we split 110 million isk for the evening.

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