Life in a Wormhole: A Brief Retrospective #eveonline

There’s very little left to do after our marathon system take-down yesterday, which is really good news for me, since I’m a bit knackered. Berke heads back on a short trip to pick up the last of the ships we parked just outside the wormhole exit, and Tira is idling in deep space within the wormhole system itself to give us a chance to sell off the wormhole (if we can find a buyer), so there’s not much for me to do but write up an advertisement.

Class Two wormhole with persistent connections to highsec and Class One wormhole space. Convenient access, lots of fun isk-making opportunities and the perfect system for your first foray into Anoikis.

Short, simple, and to the point, but after two months of time spent, do I think it’s really true?

Ultimately, that answer has to be yes. Life in a wormhole has easily been the most fun I’ve ever had in EVE, and while there were downsides to that particular system, there were upsides as well. The persistent connection to highsec (and the fact that we opened that connection every day, which in hindsight invited some problems) meant that tourist traffic was high, which lead to more than a few mishaps and ship losses, but at the same time having quick and easy access to known space meant we could easily compensate for any oversights we made in ship selection or supplies. Would we want or need that easy level of access now? No, but for a bunch of first-timers, it was invaluable.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the persistent connection to class one space due to the fact that it was a real pain in the neck to collapse if it turned out we were connected to a crappy system, but in general it worked out really well as a way for any one of us to easily find something to shoot when we were solo.

We could easily have made the system work for us for the foreseeable future, but ultimately I believe that the move we’re making is going to be a positive one. It connects us with like-minded individuals who don’t seem to spend too much time checking their e-penis length in the mirror, and helps us become a part of activities and operations we might never otherwise experience.

And, speaking strictly for myself, I’m looking forward to sharing the system with a few additional folks, if only because it will let me relax a bit and (sometimes, for example) let the scanning duties for the day fall on someone else’s shoulders.

I’m also excited about being somewhere that’s generally always going to be part of a larger “constellation” of systems — I enjoy exploring just for the sake of exploring, and this will give me the chance to indulge that inclination. I can’t wait.

Well, actually, I can. I’m tired, our guests are still in town and patiently waiting to head out for another day of adventure, so I send off the ad, log out, and leave Tira and Berke to their wrap-up activities. There’s plenty for me to do, but it can all wait.

Maybe I’ll go have a nap…


  1. How much are you selling the WH for fella? Me and a few friends wanted to run a small WH ourselves, nothing too fancy and a C3 would be perfect.

  2. Actually, this post is a bit time-shifted, and we’ve already sold off our C2.

    What I can recommend, though, is to subscribe to the in-game mailing list Taggart Transdimensional. They handle a TON of wormhole sales and in fact brokered our sale as well. If you’re in the market, you will eventually find something with them.

  3. I tried to join the in-game mailing list “Taggart Transdimensional” and it says List not found. Can’t find the specified mailing list.

    Also tried “Taggert Transdimensional” and “Taggart Trans-dimensional” and “Taggert Trans-dimensional”

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