Life (in a Wormhole) Goes on… #eveonline

So I’m still playing Eve.

I’m still enjoying playing Eve, more importantly.

But I think I’m going to slow down from posting daily reports for a little while. There are a couple reasons.

Gotta Play if I’m Going to Write About It

My play schedule on EVE will (I suspect) get a bit less regular for awhile. Honestly, it already has — I’ve only been online for more than a few minutes twice in the last week — and even though the actual play reports are time-shifted a couple of weeks, I still need to to actually play if I’m going to… you know… report on it.

I’m totally enjoying the time I’m spending when I play – don’t get me wrong – but I know it’s going to continue in the current pattern.

Got Other Writing to Do

I’m lucky in that I know my own mental malfunctions well enough to make use of them. I’m obsessed with Eve? I need to make sure I’m getting some writing done? Solution: Write about Eve. It’s not the best writing ever, because I’m basically just keeping a diary, but I’ve put at least a thousand if not two or three thousand words down every single day for the last three months, which is a good way to get myself back into the habit after the arrival of Stormaggedon the  Schedule-Wrecking Baby.

"Foolish humans: You think you can string together a coherent thought in MY presence?!?"

Anyway, I believe I’m now firmly back in the writing habit, as they say, and there’s some other writing I need to get done. (Specifically, losing the two “big mid-point climax” chapters the current novel much killed my desire to write that story for a long while, and I need to suck it up, rewrite the stuff I lost, and move the fuck on.)

Got Other Games to Play

One of the reasons I didn’t play a lot of EVE this weekend specifically was because I was playing Wizard 101 with my daughter, and you know what? I loved it. I loved playing it with her and as an added bonus I just plain like playing it even when Kaylee isn’t. It’s a good game I happen to be paying a monthly, family-wife subscription on, so it makes sense to spend some time on it.

Also, I don’t know if you heard, but LotRO has a new release out, and I’m looking forward to spending play-time with my wife, instead of kind of… near my wife, while she does something else entirely. LotRO is a thing that makes that happen.

Light side, dark side... I'm the guy with the gun.

Plus, come the end of the year, Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out, and damned if I’m not going to jump into that bad boy with both feet and a mighty war whoop. What BioWare is doing with this property is renewing my faith in gaming, people.

Speaking of which…

Got Other Other Games to Play

Time was when a man could schedule a weekly game night in his house and people would show up and BY GUM play games! Aliens got shot! Scholarly elves got foot-long chunks of wood stuck in their posteriors! Sexy, extra-polite dwarf ladies wooed Full-contact Ninepin players! I remember those days fondly.

Dimly. Very dimly, but fondly.

The holidays (and don’t kid yourself: we’re basically at the start of the holiday season) are the WORST POSSIBLE TIME to get that practice starting again, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try, so that (if nothing else) we can get rolling properly in the new year.

I Repeat: Still Love EVE

I do. I really, really do. Just not going to write about it every day, right now. This may disappoint some; it will definitely relieve others.

I mean, I’ve been doing this for three solid months, now. I think that’s good for now.

At least until I have another good story to tell.

Until then, those of you who know how to find me in the game can still find me, and if not, leave a comment here. I’m not leaving wormhole life anytime soon (if ever), so if nothing else I’ll always be able to talk about that; it’s my favorite part of the game, and possibly my favorite part of any game I’ve played — controlling exactly what you want your game to be? That’s good stuff.

The best part about flying is knowing you can do your own thing if you want.


  1. Wonderful…I discovered your delightful blog today, read all the Wormhole entries, decided “Hey, this sounds like SO much more fun than kicking around Null like I have been doing for the last four months.” and then for an added bonus the entry that gets posted while I’m reading the other entries is “Oh yeah, I’m not on EVE much anymore…”

    Just my luck 🙂

    Any how, I will definitely check back semi-regularly for posts until you are posting again regularly. Really enjoy your writing and will look into this wormhole livin’ thing a bit more.

  2. Don’t worry; if my past patterns are any indication, this post will become the prelude to an unprecedented amount of online EVE play-time. 😛

    That just seems to be how it does.

    Thanks a ton for commenting!

  3. My corp is actually looking into exploring wormholes a bit, it seems like 2 of us are willing to fly a tengu in there. (both of us have experience with wormholes) They are simply more fun than missions and i’m intrigued by the thought of living outside the known boundaries.

  4. Well, I read you entry with some dismay today, but not towards you mind. Only that this is a blog I check religiously due to how well it is written.

    I did the Eve trial back when I first found it and admit that it was fun. But as a principally solo type player, I opted to stick with Lotro for now. I could see soloing Eve to becoming a quite painful experience. So I got to live vicariously through your posts.

    I would definitely like to give Eve more of a chance in the future, but not at present. As Ko has stated, I will keep an eye on this page for updates.

    All the best!

  5. I feel I should clarify a little:

    I’m not done writing about EVE; I’m just done posting every single weekday about it.
    I’m not posting on the blog; I’ll have a lot to write about in the coming months — it just won’t all be the monolithic mass of EVE posts I’ve done for the last few months.

    Long-time readers will recognize the ‘new’ pattern as ‘back to normal’. 🙂

  6. For me, that is totally cool. And I think I got that as the intent, was trying to say as much but maybe articulated it in a poor manner myself.

    Hey, if you write on Lotro I would be just as interested.

    You write well.


  7. Doyce – Long time follower, first time making a comment 🙂

    I came to your site because of the PR plug you made for yourself during the Captain’s roundtable on CSTM with Merric and Goldenstar and I have been following on ever since. Your comments on the Captain class verbalized what I had been liking about the class and the game – but had not really realized till I heard you say it – it clicked for me. You even got me to subscribe briefly to EVE. Unfortunately the play and interface felt like unix to me and therefore too much like work to be actually relaxing! anyway, I find following along with your adventures there to be extremely fun in a vicarious way – so you probably have fans out there who have never posted, just like me – keep it up.

    The reason I am jumping in? Star Wars: The Old Republic. My LoTRO guild (Mithril Knights, Firefoot) is debating whether to go with a Player vs Player (PvP) alignment or Player vs Environment (PvE). We are caught on the horns of dilemma – we want to be able to quest and experience the story but also have an strong and active PvP experience. We have gleaned everything we can about Warzones, Huttball, open world PvP on the various planets (Alderaan, Illum and vague mention of others). I don’t have any experience with MMO’s beyond LoTRO so I find it hard to decipher what everyone is talking about regarding PvP or why the pluses/minuses are important

    so – question – have you decided how you are going to start out with SWTOR (Faction, class and server type)? and if you have, would you be willing to share your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance and cheers on the site – great and fun content you have here 🙂

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