Life in a Wormhole: Working Out #eveonline

“I think you guys are working out,” Cabbage takes the time to tell me in private. “You just fit right in here.”

That’s good news, and nice of him to say so. He’s in a far distant timezone (Our Wormhole: the System That Never Sleeps), and heading out as I’m logging in, so I wish him a good night as I eat my breakfast and thank him for the kind words.

I’m wholly alone now (the never-sleeping system can nevertheless get quiet from time to time), so I take some time for a good and thorough scanning of our connecting C2. I nail down a few radar signatures that should lead to some good loot, but it’s not too be — the mechanics of the site mean that after it’s been completely cleared, the site itself will despawn if I leave it for any significant period of time. That’s fine if all I was after were the wrecks — they don’t vanish as readily as the features of the site — except that the point of these particular kinds of sites are the ancient, hackable databases… which are now gone, since I had to leave the site to switch into a salvaging and hacking ship. Bugger. Also, the random number generator mocks me on the ‘normal’ salvage, which is quiet uninspiring. This is the problem with soloing these types of sites: it’s gratifying to know I can, but a pain in the ass when I want to reap the benefits.

The obvious solution to this problem is to bring along one or more additional pilots, and that is now a viable option, since Bre, Wil, and Gor have straggled in over the course of the last hour, clutching cups of tea and rubbing pod goo from their eyes.

I've already had my first caffeine injection, so I'm ready to go.

I prod my corpmates into motion, and soon we are tearing a missile and laser-shaped hole through our enemies and reaping the rewards; an hour or so of sleeper shooting nets us roughly 90 million isk in loot. We could go on, except (a) the locals have woken up, and seem grumpy… and heavily armed, and (b) it appears we all have plans for this part of the long weekend, so it looks like we’ll have to call things off for now and settle for some profit, camaraderie, and a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Works for me.