Life in a Wormhole: Weekend Coda #eveonline

It’s been a fairly frustrating weekend. We started off with the loss of an Orca, which we replaced by selling off a Tengu hull, a blueprint, and some faction fittings, losing and replacing an assault ship in the process, which means that when it’s all said and done we’re exactly where we started two days ago. That’s an awful lot of effort expended on treading water.

Berke is still in highsec in the Deliberate, so even though we don’t have a good way to control the wormhole connection, we really have to scan a good entrance/exit if we want to get him back in the home system. I locate our C2 connection easily in the relatively barren system, then Ty and Ichiban from Walrus hit the next system over with a double flight of scanning probes to make short work of the recon process.

We’re not in luck as far as a connection goes — the system connects only to dangerous class 5 wormhole space and nullsec known space — but it is a good system for Sleeper bashing; full of anomalies, all but abandoned by the neighbors (who don’t seem to have logged in since the last time they needed to refuel the tower), and pretty much ours for the evening. Sounds like a good alternative to getting the Orca home. (Honestly, after all the travel we’ve done in the last few days, it sounds like a better alternative, even to Berke.)

Ty, CB, and Ichiban run sites with Bre flying unnecessary-but-comforting overwatch, keeping an eye directly on the local’s tower. An hour later, we’ve raked in a bit over 90 million in loot, which provides an understated but welcome up-note at the end of a moderately crappy weekend. Sounds like a good time to call it for the night, which is exactly what we do.