Life in a Wormhole: Stormy Weather #eveonline

“Bid for this wormhole is up to 300 million.”

“Bored yet?”

“You have no idea.”

Ty’s on his way home, post-roam, after cleaning up some assets and moving them out of backwater systems where they’ve been gathering dust. Bre, on the other hand, is reorganizing her paperclip drawer while idle and cloaked in the abandoned wormhole system she found the day before. It takes a special kind of activity to make someone envy the guy who has 27 jumps to make before he can get home, and it looks like she’s found it.

It also gives her more than enough time to poke around the corporation’s Science and Industry interface.

“Hey, this says that Gor’s Tornado blueprint research is done.”

“I can haz Tornado?”

“If there’s enough materials in the tower, yeah.”


The Minmatar Republic ship designers like to name their battlecruiser and battleship designs after destructive forces of nature: Cyclone, Hurricane, Typhoon, Tempest, Maelstrom — the Tornado is a sexy new addition to the family. Although Ty was born Gallente and spends a fair amount of time herding flights of drones and swearing under his breath, he’s been spending more and more of his waking hours in rusty earth-toned Minmatar hulls, and has been rubbing his hands together in anticipation of the new toy Gor’s been researching: the Republic’s answer to the shiny Gallente Talos he flew the day before.

I think I'll call mine Sokka.

Unfortunately, there’s a note from Gor pinned to Ty’s door when he gets back to the tower, listing off the materials he’s currently lacking to actually build the ship. Ty’s more than willing, however, fix that problem… if it means a new Tornado.

Our connection to Low sec space is already open, but while there is quite a bit of high-bulk tritanium available in stations just outside our wormhole, and the system we’re connected to is close to a larger market with more of the rare ores, there are many low security systems and gates in the way.

Berke offers to solve that problem while Ty takes his Mammoth out for a couple loads of tritanium, switching from his Orca to the nimble and stealthy Crane transport. All the skills he’s been training in an effort to make the bulky Orca move a bit faster serve him well in the Crane — he reports it’s like switching from a river barge to a sports car — the blockade runner dances away from gate camps and gankers with ease.

Or so he reports as he arrives back in the home system with all the rest of the ore required to make not one but two Tornado hulls. All in all, the hauling back and forth took up most of the evening, but it feels like time spent productively.

Even for Bre-the-Bored, who reports that bidding on the wormhole system has “sped up a little bit”, and now stands at 700 million isk. Oh my.