Life in a Wormhole: What if they Gave a War and Nobody Came? #eveonline

Hurrah, we’ve had war declared on us again. Contrary to the ominous tone of this announcement, the mood within the home system seems curiously unaffected.

"Wardec? Huh. What's on TV?"

Granted, I might be a bit removed from any terror and tension this news elicits, as I’m currently off in the wilds of the midwest, but I don’t think that’s the case. The fact of the matter is that a typical ‘griefer’ wardec is kind of a pointless thing when you live in a wormhole, since most of the professional habitual wardeccing corps are only doing it so they can attack your ships when you’re in some major trade hub — usually only ONE of the major trade hubs (Jita) — they can’t even be arsed to cover three or heavens forbid all four of the main market systems in game.

So you’ve got a wardec? Stay in the wormhole for a week and make a bunch of ISK by running sites. That’s what we do anyway. Just don’t go out into known space where someone can have a Locator Agent find you, or if you must do so, get there through some other wormhole’s connection and avoid the trade hubs.

Bottom line? For a wormhole corp, the typical wardec is about as troublesome and terror-inducing as road construction that blocks off your normal route to work. I’m sure there are groups out there that know exactly how to make a wormholer’s life difficult, but these guys aren’t it.

Anyway, after a long and restful time with family (seriously, stop laughing), I’m back home and ready to make some iskies. Our connecting class two system is pretty barren, but I scan down a Class Three system that’s connected to that boring class two, and it is both thick with sleepers and largely abandoned, making it a good choice for a little Sleeper shooting.

One of our aussie pilots, Pax, is willing to come along, and while we’re not as familiar with the different ship types and waves of attackers in the Class Three wormholes, they don’t prove much more difficult than the homicidal, sentient, killer ships we deal with every day. Our time is fairly limited, and we’re only able to hit about eight sites before it’s time to wrap it up, but our brief run nets us a cool quarter billion isk, which is a pretty good haul. We need to see about moving into a higher-class system at some point.


  1. Ugh. No thanks. 🙂 We’ve neither the pilot numbers or skill depth to field the carriers and dreadnoughts that seem to be required in such places.

    We’ve talked a great deal about what we’d like to see in a bigger and better wormhole, and the answer we’ve come up with is a Class 4 with a Class 2 static. That seems as though it’ll be just right for most of our needs.

    * The Class 4 gives us sites to run on those evenings when a good number of our pilots are on.
    * The Class 2 gives us sleeper options on those nights when few pilots are available, and
    * The Class 2 guarantees at least one additional system beyond the first to explore.

    A C4/C3 like the one you and Finn inhabit would be doable, but a bit more frustrating if you get to the c3 and have nowhere else to go. C3s really got ripped off when it comes to their possible static exits.

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