Life in a Wormhole: Ship Swapping #eveonline

There’s some chatter in my Alliance evemail box when I log in; something about the system assault that happened over the weekend. At first blush, it sounds like they actually got a fight (which they were looking for), but a second read-through and a bit of research indicates that the eventual outcome didn’t exactly go their way. Something about the opposing group hiring a couple mercenary alliances to help with the system defense; there’s a bit of grumbling about this, but to be honest it sounds perfectly normal to me — it’s not as though we (I) wouldn’t do exactly the same thing in their position — who wouldn’t do whatever they could to defend their home?

In any case, there’s the standard cautions about maintaining operational security in the event the corporations involved go looking for a retributive strike, but as everyone in the alliance gets the mail, I leave it as that — I know our guys have probably already seen the message, and it’s not as though we advertise our wormhole entrance even on our worst day.

Meanwhile, we’re shuffling a few ships around in the system, as Bre informs me that CB grabbed the wrong hauler and actually took hers out to known space. Oops. CB brings that ship back in, and while he’s flying I talk him into picking up a Daredevil frigate, a terror of a ship for which he is well-skilled. It’s a bit of a tough sell, as the Daredevil is expensive and CB is generally frugal, but eventually he succumbs to the lure and splashes out for the new toy.

Meanwhile, I’ve been re-reading that post I wrote about giving up on my Ishtar, and it’s making me annoyed. I do a bit of work in EvE Fitting Tool, taking a hard look at the ship, and decide that dammit, I can (and want) to use it in wormholes, so I replace it, fit it, and get it ready for some sleeper blasting. The stats may be about the same as the Gila, but the Ishtar is a hell of a lot prettier, and anyone who thinks that doesn’t factor into my decision doesn’t know me.

I’m up very early today, and I use the time (and the completely dead low-sec systems to which we’re connected) to empty and close out our second unused corporate office in the high-sec island systems where CB and Gor used to do a bit of mining. Some of the gear is sold, some retained for use in the wormhole, and a few cruiser hull’s are donated to this year’s Griefergeddon.

On my way back, the rest of New Eden seems to be waking up, and I’m informed that we have yet another high sec wormhole connection coming into the home system. I’m starting to think Dolby really does have some kind of homing beacon on him, though he swears it’s not the case.

“I don’t even want to leave the tower shields, right now,” he comments on voice comms, “I lost another two ships yesterday.”

“Really?” I’m puzzled. “Man, we need to get you working with the buddy system or something, until you get this bad luck of yours worked out. What happened?”

But there’s no answer. He’s logged out, and I suppose I should do the same, as the rest of the world (like New Eden) is waking up as well.

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