Life in a Wormhole: Day(s) of Rest #eveonline

All you cloaky t3s, GTFO.

Following the marathon efforts of the past few days, our pilots are ready for a bit of downtime. Once the ninth wormhole connection to lowsec dies, Shan scans down the new exit, but we don’t fly to it or activate it. Additionally, we crash the class two and class three wormhole connections currently up, verify that all the other signatures on scan are as-expected, and decree a 24-hour lockdown, just to make sure things are as they seem. (Tweed, out in low-sec, avoids stargates by scanning his way from low-sec and back into wormhole space, scanning from system to system until he emerges near the market of Rens, where he looses himself in the crowd.)

We refit the Rorqual for more pedestrian pursuits, and Gor does a bit of ore crushing inside the flying factory, which is kind of cool (and rare) to see. (If we have a regret about the time and effort we’ve put into the hole, it’s in the fact that we built the Rorqual and… really don’t use it much. It is nowhere near having paid for itself.)

But as I said, things are quiet. We don’t manage to stay in lockdown for the full twenty-four hours, due an inbound connection from another wormhole — one that is strangely empty of all inhabitants. The connection was apparently opened by a pilot in a Cheetah covert ops ship, exploring just for the sake of exploring and arriving in our system from somewhere farther away than next door. I’d tell people to keep an eye out for him, but everyone’s snoozing, and I am more than happy to get some much-needed rest before the event we’ve dubbed POS Pinata Day.


  1. Holy crap, man. You had me fricking RIVETED with each of these posts. I couldn’t WAIT to read what happened next.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is true journalism – a story that resonates with the reader whether or not he has ever experienced the stress of evicting interlopers from his home.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is EVE Online.

  2. Oh wow, this is all from before then. Am excited to find out what the CCP fuelled secret santa left under the unfuelled POS in any neighbouring wormhole for you and your friends.

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