1. *slow clap* damn good screen shot, wish you had it in 1080p

  2. I’m not much of a screen shot expert. I’ve got every setting in EvE set to “high” — how do I go about getting the quality of the shot any higher?

    1. screen shots don’t get much better than what you are already looking at, this one looks like it has all the settings enabled, so really theres nothing wrong with it, I was just bemoaning your screen resolution is different from mine

      it’s all good, still added it as a wallpaper to my desktop cycle

  3. Great shot. It reminded me of Dead End Thrills‘s EvE edition – worth a look if you haven’t already seen it. He uses some kind of funky method to push out two times the normal “high” quality or something, which he notes somewhere that it’s actually quite dangerous to the hardware (lucky he’s sponsored).

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