Life in Eve: Notebook

My notes from last night, unadorned:

Roam with CB, Em, and Shan. CB in a slicer doing most of the scouting, plex checking, and war target tackling. In his words, ‘barn storming’, which he liked. Shan did a bit too, but his Slasher was using was more for brawls and offensive plexing, not fast tackle. My Vengeance wasn’t useful; the target I hoped for didn’t show, and it’s so godawful slow.

Basically just tried to get everyone out there and scouting, so we all get more used to it. Went smoothly (better than Tuesday), though no kills. (CB points out: no losses either.)

Several ships tackled/hassled, but everyone either rabbited before we got to them or warped out after we had tackle, thanks to warp stabs. Jade: “I’ve never seen anything like this.” Think he’s starting to see my frustration.

After the guys took off for the night, hopped in a Slasher and played scout for JR’s roam, back from null-sec and cruising around the war zone. Snagged a Vexor right away, and took another hour doing a loop south and losing a Vengeance (ironic) to a Harbinger bait trap with five other battlecruisers waiting in the wings.