Very interesting read on game design

Definitely looking forward to Part 2, and (of course) I've started looking at my own gaming and that of those close to me to see how they line up to these theories.

Gaming for Fun (Part 1): Eight Kinds of Fun | The Angry GM
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  1. That was pretty cool. I keep expecting to see a "What sort of gamer are you?" MBTI-style survey any time now …

    (Going through the "fun" categories, I found myself nodding at different threads of my own interests.)

  2. Yep. I think it aligns quite well. Makes sense – there's a lot of thinking about this out in the world of video games already, with a lot of money thrown at getting it right, so…

  3. +Doyce Testerman Yeah, I noted the connection he drew there — and it makes a lot of sense (and sense that it would apply well between video games and RPGs … and, presumably, other table top games, though those are rarely as complex).

    Also noteworthy the observation that this is largely the GM to define — game systems can be built better or worse for the different fun styles, but ultimately the GM is going to make it happen (cf. constant debates about heavy roleplay being (in)compatible with D&D 4e).

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