Glimpse the Future

Excerpt from an advance review of the Revised Core Rulebook
Moving into the classes section, we see some of the largest and most fundamental changes to the game thus far. No class has gone untouched, and most of the changes seem to be for the better. Some abilities simply were renamed so they made more sense and were consistent with what was elsewhere in the books, while some abilities were radically altered or even removed/replaced. In some cases, these changes are for the better. The Fringer has become a much more attractive class, thanks to the addition of some bonus feats and more frequent and earlier-attained bonus class skills. Others, however, remain to be seen; the Scoundrel has lost the Sneak Attack class feature, and some of the Defense scores have been lowered by 1-2 points (though the Soldier’s has gone up), putting every class on a very level playing field. One of the most significant and pleasing aspects of the new Force classes is that they get to choose which Force feat (Control, Sense, or Alter) they get as a bonus feat at early levels, meaning more customization for the Jedi. And, of course, the addition of the Tech Specialist class is a major change. Very skill-oriented, the class features of the Tech Specialist include the ability to make Masterwork items, bonuses when performing research, and other non-combat, technically oriented abilities.
Interesting stuff.