Just when you thought was safe to go back in the Scheduler…

Okay folks, this looks like what I’ve got on the upcoming game schedule, both from Friday night stuff and what I’ll simply label “other”.
June 14 (Friday): Star Wars
June 15 (Saturday): JSquad & Cry Havoc
June 21 (Friday): DnD
June 22 (Saturday): Living Force catch-up at the house
June 28 (Friday): Star Wars
June 29 (Saturday): Weekend in Greyhawk thing (up at Red Rocks?) & Cry Havoc
June 29 (Sunday): More Weekend in Greyhawk 😛
July 5 (Friday): Very Likely Out of Town 🙁
July 6 (Saturday): Ditto that. 😛
July 12 (Friday): DnD
July 13 (Saturday): Living Greyhawk catchup at the house
Pity those of you who are so mired in this that more than 50% affects your schedule, but before you chuckle, let’s not forget the Oriental Adventures game 🙂