Kinda Cool

Grey Ghost Press is going to use the Fatigue Rules I wrote up for Fudge (and Swift) a few years ago — incorporating it as part of the magic system in their upcoming Deryni RPG.
I’m pleased about this — I’m not a big Fudge-gamer (through I’ve picked at it off and on for years — since ’93, actually), but I have tremendous respect for the author of the original rules and I remember many Saturday afternoons in high school spent reading the Deryni books — I loved the juxtaposition of the weird, almost psionic-type ‘magic’ and the strictly orthodox religion, (although I’m much less enamored with the writing now than I once was).
Anyway, I always liked the way the author worked mental fatigue into the stories as the real limiter on the power of the Deryni, and I’m tickled that that element of the story will be represented by a system I came up with.


  1. Man I’d clean forgot about the Deryni Series.
    Good going on getting your rule incorporated.
    Are being given credit in the book?

  2. Yep. I get a ‘special credit’ and a copy of the rules when they come out.

  3. Very cool! Congrats!
    So, was this a long-term project simmering in the background, or did you get an e-mail out of the blue saying, “Hey we saw this on your website and we want to use it”?

  4. I think I sent her a mail about a year ago and said “Hey, you’re doing Deryni, and you should use this fatigue thing I wrote.” and we chatted a bit, then I got an email a few days ago asking if they could use it officially.

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