Good grief

Just for reference, this is the game schedule for Casa del Testerman for the next two months.
It is… not to put it too bluntly… fucking insane, due mostly to an effort to wrap up several long-running campaigns in the next two months.

Sept 30th, Tuesday: Chrysalis A
Oct 2nd, Thursday: OA
Oct 3, Friday: No game?!? Wow…
Oct 4, Saturday: Cry Havoc
Oct 5, Sunday: OA(?)
Oct 6, Monday: OA
Oct 9, Thurs: OA
Oct 10, Friday: OA
Oct 12, Sunday: Chrysalis C
Oct 13, Monday: Chrysalis A
Oct 16, Thursday: OA
Oct 17, Friday: DnD (sans Margie)
Oct 18, Saturday: Rey & Juli’s party
Oct 19, Sunday: OA?
Oct 20, Monday: OA
Oct 25, Saturday: Chrysalis C
Oct 27, Monday: Chrysalis A
Oct 31, Friday: (appropos one-shot?)
Nov 1, Saturday: Cry Havoc
Nov 3, Monday: OA
Nov 7, Friday: DnD
Nov 8, Saturday: Chrysalis C
NOv 10, Monday: Chrysalis A
Nov 14, Friday: OA
Nov 15, Saturday: Cry Havoc
Nov 22, Saturday: Chrysalis C
Nov 24, Monday: Chrysalis A
Nov 27, Thursday: Thanksgiving


  1. Yeah. I should, by right, only need five ‘real’ session… maybe six.

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