I recently picked up a copy of Prince Valiant, the Storytelling Game from Wizard’s Attic, based entirely on two things — its favorable comparison to the (brilliant) Adventures of the Good Knights (which I’ve already pimped) and this, the one and only internet review of the game.
It’s a good review (though annoyingly distracted by poking fun at WoD) and a good game whose basic rules could be easily ported into just about any genre.
You could even lose the coin-tossing mechanic for basic d6’s if you like. 🙂


  1. I really need to figure out some way to rescue all the reviews I wrote for CompuServe’s RPGamers forum and get them back into circulation.
    I particularly like the ability of players to take over as sub-GMs for minor scenes when they have a clever idea for them.
    The only thing that really bugged me about this game was its claims of being “diceless” because it used coin-flipping rather than dice. Which, of course, is not what “diceless” means at all.

  2. I think a slightly different listing of attributes and skills (in some cases, just a different name for the same thing) would be pretty easy to do.
    Stafford commented at the time of publication that he’d considered using the system to do a cyberpunk thing instead.

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