Rolling drunks for xp.

These ideas on how to ‘stir up’ a classic D&D game (following the regretable encounter the original poster had with a fantasy heartbreaker game) are just priceless.

You can up the ante, of course. You have some skills, if not a lot. Go roll some drunks in an alley and see what happens. I mean, are the cops really high-level? They won’t even notice if you do it right, after all. Try hanging out in the theater district after dark; you might be able to waylay a hot actress — even an heiress if you’re lucky — and can hold her for ransom or sell her into prostitution. If you pull that off, you’ve got a little money and the organized crime syndicates know you’re an up-and-coming little group. Maybe they could use you. And if they don’t like you, they’re going to have to attack (which is fun) or else send you on a mission you can’t possibly survive (which is also fun).
I’m rambling here, but I think if all else fails, go break some laws and cause some trouble. If he just blocks you at every turn, give up and go home. If he lets you do stuff, either things have to happen or you will end up very rich, very evil, and with a burning town behind you.

Probably not the sort of thing I should be reading before reading Margie’s stuff for her Arabia game. 🙂

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  1. Heh.
    I liked this passage:

    So, Dave, my friend is looking over the weapons list having decided to be a fighter (and I a wizard, as I like magic), and he sees the man-catcher. “Hmm, how about we be slavers?” says Dave in a non-chalant way that only Dave can. Perfect, I’m thinking. My indecision over which spells to take is suddenly erased – I take Charm person, Friends, and Sleep. Sleep, most importantly (arguably the most powerful spell in D&D).

    Which, actually, could work in an Arabian setting, too … 🙂
    (Not that I’m suggesting it, hon.)
    I promise you, though, Margie is not going to leave everyone on the docks scratching their heads as to what to do next.

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