Sorcerer, Grimm Therapy, Session Six

Holy Cow! The anticipated final session actually ended up being the REAL final session! Wow!
Okay, I should have done this earlier, but I didn’t have time.
(All the campaign stuff is here.)

Everyone was a Katelyn’s for a supposed-sleepover that was actually an organized effort to storm into the Otherside and rescue some people.
Everyone got the make-believe going, steered pretty heavily by Jason (somewhat to Katelyn’s chagrin (whose player, I should note, rolled HORRIBLY all night long). Darren, her little brother, used “I’ll tell Mom” blackmail to come along.
Once on the OtherSide, Katelyn managed to invoke her Past to have servants from her Kingdom (she’s a Princess, don’tchaknow) show up with a sort of hydroplane-looking airship that everyone used to get around. Kermit summoned his flying horse. Kid Z rode Super Mega Bot Z — everyone took off for Doctor Blackheart’s Castle.
Once there, the group found Doctor Blackheart’s secret escape tunnel and used it in reverse. They mugged a couple guards (orangutan’s in body armor with lasers mounted on their Romanesque helmets) and took their hover-truck.
Once they found the center of Blackheart’s lair, they used a combination of Kermit’s Shadow/Light power and Katelyn’s Warp ability to get inside and home in on the Doctor, who was doing something with Deanna. Deanna was screaming bloody murder at this ‘kidnapper’. The doc’s nefarious plan basically amounted to using Deanna’s connection to the Real World to utterly obliterate the barrier between the Real World and the OtherSide (making the Real World a nightmare, essentially).
Long story short, they stopped in a big fight that included some lightning, some zipping around really fast, and some Punishes from Kid Z onto Blackheart that… now that’s odd… happened automatically. Weird. (It was later revealed that Blackheart was actually bound (-4 in Blackheart’s favor) to Kid Z, with a Need for “Attention”.)
Anyway, they Contained the weakened Blackheart and made to leave, but Nicky snuck back and killed the helpless guy (mostly because he was regretting not killing the Scary Bad Man and this Blackheart guy is some kind of vivisectionist).
Humanity check? Passed. Easily.
Right. Deanna agrees to play along a bit longer and they go to Goblintown to try to get Christopher back.
Once outside town, Katelyn, Not-Christopher, and Nicky sneak into town (after Not-Christopher disguises up Katelyn to look properly goblinesque). Questions are discreetly asked, and they learn that Christopher was sold as a human slave , and to whom — Imelda, a wealthy … female? just outside town.
Right. Off everyone goes to Imelda’s. They debate for a bit outside of the house on how to deal with the woman and opt against massive violence that would bring the whole of Goblintown down on them. Instead, they just knock and ask to speak to Imelda.
Negotiations begin with everyone rolling extra dice to the scariest person they’ve got: Nicky. Various types of Intimidations are attempted for added dice, and Nicky squeaks by … he surreptitiously displays his demon-blood soaked hand (from killing Blackheart) to Imelda to get one final die to roll, and gets a 10! Crazy how those two things fed into each other.
Imelda allows that she’s willing to give Christopher up, but has to keep up appearances or everyone Tom, Dick and Bogeyman are going to be ripping her off for years. Katelyn trades her airship for him, and they call it good. Contracts are drawn up.
Imelda: While we’re waiting would you like something to —
Katelyn: NO.
Transport is seen to, and everyone belts for home. Christopher is treating Katelyn like his new boss, and is still in fawning servant mode.
The group gets back home at around 1 am and talks things over.
* Christopher is a problem: he ate the food over there and it might take months to get him back to normal here — they don’t have months, because they’re not willing to let Not-Christopher stand in for him any longer, and they don’t have any place to stash Christopher until then if they did.
Solution: Fey don’t like cold iron. Hmm. Okay, order Christopher the fawning servant to pretend to be his parent’s kid until he finally really IS his parent’s kid again… speed up the recovery process by making sure he takes Iron Supplements… should kick him out of this in less than a month?
* Not-Christopher is a problem: What the hell happens to him. Nicky proposes finding some parents who lost their kid to an abduction and letting Christopher play the part of the missing kid being ‘found’. Win-win — happy parents and the changeling gets his Need (love) fed.
This actually snowballed into a whole scheme to hook up Otherside changelings to parents who’ve had their kid’s stolen by HUMANS instead of by the fey, which would kill off the Fey-based baby-abduction thing, but keep the Changelings happy AND provide a service. Nice.
* Deanna… isn’t a problem — she’s starting to think this whole Make believe thing is cool.
* Darren pretty much thinks the whole thing is TOTALLY WICKED. (Katelyn got a Humanity Gain roll for introducing a kid to make-believe, but didn’t make it.)
How I think things will go (nothing concrete, I’m just riffing and supposing):
Katelyn: Katelyn ended the game with a pretty low Humanity. I think it finally hits 0 and she becomes a Grown-up — most of what Make-Believe does for Katelyn is give her the chance to be girly and have some control over things — she will eventually realize that she can be girly in the real world if she wants to… and that there are good ways to control things there as well, and she gives up her demon. Eventually, sometime in her teens, Narris is just an old pet rock.
Nicky: Nicky’s going out the other way — I think his Humanity eventually drops to the point where he becomes a denizen of the OtherSide full time, talking to ghosts and hunting ‘evil’ non-stop. The last drop of Humanity goes away and the Ghost Raven stops talking to him. It might take some time, though.
Kermit: Kermit will always be a geek, though he’ll may eventually lose his ability to ‘do magic’, he’ll always have his Gamer geekdom and a little bit of power because of it.
Jason: Jason’s high Humanity is indicative of the kid’s heightened knack for reconciling the Real World and his Make Believe — I think there’s a good chance that Jason holds onto his child-like wonder and his Real World responsibilities… It’s the Merry-Hearted Boys that Make the Best Men, after all.
Anyway, that’s my two cents. I’d really like to jump forward sometime and see these guys in about… ten years. 🙂 It would be fun to roll for improvements, make some new kickers, and do something interesting with… the first year in college?

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  1. –my personal info is not being remembered–
    Nicky’s next demon: the Hand?
    Glad I was able to make Nicky disturbing to other players.
    It’s not so much that he regretted not finishing the first guy. The police got him with (Nick’s pretty sure) damning evidence of several murders — of teenaged girls no less. He isn’t going anywhere.
    Blackheart was a known vivisectionist and caught trying to ritually sacrifice another damsel in distress. Had to go. “D” wouldn’t be able to look himself in the mirror… make that think about looking himself in a mirror… if he didn’t put the mad dog down.

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