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Sparks: Paper Miniatures as a Font
From the same guy who brought you Risus and other cool stuff. How did I not notice this before?

Paper miniatures have always been popular. They’re light, inexpensive, and easy to use . . . but they’re fragile. If you mess up while cutting them out, you’re out of luck. And after the game is over, they’re difficult to store safely. And what if you need two dozen of a single kind? It’s no good buying two dozen sets to get it . . . And what if you want to game in a variety of scales?
Sparks are the ultimate paper miniatures: miniatures in the form of a TrueType font! You can make up your own “sheets,” with any composition you want, in any scale you want, any time you want, using no software more complicated than WordPad! Burn them, mark them, spill Coke on them, throw them away when you’re done, because you can always make more.