CoH Actual play?

I’m blogging this so that there’s some record of the goings on with CoH. Consider it the diary of a drug addict… it’s just what happened this weekend.

Friday and Saturday, my cunning plan to addict Jackie to CoH payed off — I got her her own account and by noon on Saturday, Shadow.Cat was level 8 (during which I exemped various people to come along with her and work off debt or just hang out). On Sunday (between bouts of illness) she created and EmpathyHealer/Electricity toon (with the BRILLIANT name of Shock.Therapy), whom (when Jackie was up to it) I SK’d to my Main and rolled through Hollows missions with — it’s good to have a healer around. Much fun was had when we got a chance to play.
The whole thing culminated in a aborted attempt to finish the “Frostfire” mission in the Hollows, in which we beat through the whole massive mission and then got our butts handed to us just before the last fight. Did you know that when everyone has to teleport back to the hospital, the mission repops and you have to start all over?
I didn’t 🙂 Bleah.
Finally: one. more. level. to. flight. on. Hang Time. Yay.