HQ-XQ, Session 1

Played through the first session of the Xian Quan Heroquest game on Saturday. I’d call it a decent if somewhat bumpy start (esp. in chargen), but everyone seems enthused and engaged, so we’ll call it a win.
Two things I think are fun
— I think every player in the game would tell you that they’re playing a character who is ‘against type’ for them. I wouldn’t disagree.
— Jackie is playing the ‘eurocentric’ version of Xian Quan with a different play group. Comparing how her character in “Spring Fountain” relates to Collette to the way her “Xian Quan” character relates to Kai Ling is… really wild.


  1. I’m getting a bad link for XianQuan.
    So, how are they different? Randy isn’t the fastest character, or in a more profound way?

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