Curse you, Doctor Vazhilok! Curse You!

Finally, I wanted to give public thanks to Lee for sticking with me through Hang Time’s first Arch Villain storyline — he was especially helpful while HT was suffering from the Vazhilok wasting disease… though the pointing and the laughing didn’t exactly add to his Good Samaritan act.
End result: we saved the city from being dosed with a nasty virus, completed the mission, and I got a cool reward, but Doctor Vazhilok escaped through the city sewers (the two of us just didn’t *quite* have the firepower to beat him down, and by then it was took late to invite anyone else along).
The coolest thing was not having to DIE to figure out we couldn’t beat him.
Update: 1/27/05
Last night, While I was talking with Stateswoman about a place for Hang Time in the Freedom Phalanx (a Super Group on Champion server whose goal is to play In Character as much as possible), she got a call from a Group member named Doppelganger, who had tracked down Doc Vazhilok again. Stateswoman was tied up (and actually way to ‘big’ to do this Arch Villain mission anyway), and I immediately asked for another shot at the rat bastard.
So, once again, it was a two-person run at the leader of the Vazhilok. Doppelganger was great, and it felt like I was playing alongside a higher-level version of Rose.Red — he has almost exactly the same power set — so I know just what to expect from him (except for his Green Lantern-like ability to summon a Phantom Army — that was fanTAStic).
Anyway, we wiped the floor with Doc Vaz and teleported his disgusting self back to the Ziggurat. Then HT went and had himself a good long shower. Ugh. If I never see another sewer again as long as I live… UGH.
Also, joined the Freedome Phalanx, which is a really large group of players who can TYPE — and like to type IN CHARACTER.
Very very pleased.