The trials of being a total badass.

“I wanna go to the crappy town where *I’m* a hero.”
— Wash, Firefly
So I doubt this will be a regular thing, but I wanted to write down stuff that’s happened on CoH over the last couple days, so I can remember when and where later.
I’ve been trying to focus more on playing a designated ‘main’ character on CoH and settle on Hang Time because, you know, big ass whupping goodness.

Things went pretty well last week, and I alternated between him and [someone else] most of the week, which meant he hit a new level about every two days, because I’m really doing nothing but Missions. No random hunting of bad guys — I’m pursuing the *story*, and it’s paying off really well on the flip side. This culminated in hitting my first set of missions that comprised one of the story arcs for the game, which was cool.
Also, I got to nuke clockworks with an improved wave emission cannon. No bad there.
Problem is, I wasn’t paying attention to things like Task Force missions and kind of screwed up — I missed the Positron mission — by missed, I mean “the first time I asked him if I could have it, he told me I was already too much of a bad ass” — I was 17th, and it’s maxed out at 16. Oops. Maybe I’ll team with Jackie’s character to get it done… that’d be alright. Or I could just hit it with an alt, but dammit, I wanted to get it on the books with my main. Ahh well.
Anyway, as I group with Jackie on Sunday or Monday night of this week, I comment that I’m actually pretty close to level 18 already. Sweet. She goes to bed and I stay on for a bit to finish things up.
I get what I need, I level. 18’s an even level, so I’ll get a new power. I chat for a bit with Lee and decide to start working on Stamina — I’ll need the two powers that come before it, so that means 18 for one, 20 for the next, and 22 for the final. Fine… not like I don’t already have (counts) five attack powers to max out.
Hang Time’s not a subtle guy. Anyway.
So I’m in the middle of pondering my choices when I get an invite to a team-up from a guy I vaguely know from back in my early tweens. Fine. He wasn’t a complete ass, and his character’s a Kheldian, so he knows the game (you can’t play a kheldian until you’ve hit level 50 with someone).
Fucker teleports me right to the group. I was still leveling… thus, I didn’t get to.
Even better, it’s a Winter Lord group, and he teleports me right next to the damn thing.
So I barely get back with my life… we get organized, and move in.
Okay… this is the worst Winter Lord attack team ever. We can’t hurt the thing, and there is EIGHT of us. The healer can’t even keep HIMSELF alive. I leave after the first hospitol teleport — it sucks.
I limp back up to the trainer to get my stuff done, but now I’m looking at this lovely Hospital Debt to pay off, so I figure I’ll do one more short mission — go kill some Vazhilok (zombies and their masters) in a new zone I recently got security access to visit.
I go. I figure out where I need to go and start acquiring Vaz checkboxes in my own personal way.
I get an invite. I DON’T know this person, but I figure I’ll just tell them to forget it. They tell me it’s… guess what? A winter lord group, and the xp is amazing.
Hmm… this would imply they’re successfully killing them. Hmm… it WOULD pay off my debt.
So I go do it.
There are TWO OTHER PEOPLE. Just me, a empath healer, and a tanker. This isn’t good.
We win. The exp is huge. HUGE. All my debt is gone.
We add one more guy to speed things up, and twenty minutes later, I level.
Twenty five minutes after that, I level AGAIN.
Thirty minutes later… yeah. Level.
I started to worry that I was going to level past the limits on all my missions and suddenly wouldn’t have any contacts with jobs for me, so I make my excuses and head to bed. The leveling is awesome…. except.
Except, the next day, all my contacts stop their current story lines and hand me off to higher level contacts… unfinished story lines. I’ve got one guy that I never got ONE missions from, just because I leveled past him too fast.
Unfinished story lines, AND I don’t have the Influence I need to acquire the enhancements that my new level needs, because I leveled faster than I acquired influence… I’m buff in powers, but weak everywhere else. Ugh.
So for the last two days I’ve been taking Milk Run missions and fulfilling them by hunting guys so wimpy that I don’t even get Exp for them — that way, I stay where I am in levels, but get my missions caught up to the point where I’m dealing with the challenges I’m supposed to be for my level, WITHOUT missing anything.
What a mess. It’s tough to be so damn good 🙂


  1. The cool thing about all of this, of course, is that I got the mission to earn the right to wear a cape and get a second costume (at level 20). Very cool.

  2. and tell all your raging alcholic friends from bumfuck s. dak. to stop calling me daddy. i cant possibly have fathered all those children.

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