1. well yeah…
    Each AT can function on it’s own soloing, but they function better when they are part of a team.

  2. That isn’t what he meant. He meant play a support role, not just a teammate or niche-filling role.
    For example: take a blaster. Figure out how to use his powers in support (buff/def/control) way, not just “I’m the damage dealer.” That’s what he was talking about.
    34 levels in, I’m still figuring this out with Hang Time.

  3. Hmm. For a Blaster (excluding, perhaps unfairly, secondary and pool powers taken), the “support” role would seem to be control/aggro pulling (either to initiate a combat, or to pull someone off another team member, e.g., a Defender, as needed).
    That the sort of thing you mean?

  4. For myself, I’ll just have to answer with the thoughts I’m going over with regard to Hang Time… I’m still working this out.
    1) I do knockback. Lots.
    a) I can knock bad guys off my allies than can’t take melee.
    b) I can control the fight by keeping certain targets on their back instead of on their feet.
    I know this. I use this.
    The next step to making him more effective in supporting the team is this: rather than simply knocking down and back, I need to think (more than I do) about *where*.
    Not a bowling ball hitting pins, but a cue stick hitting billiard balls. Placement.

  5. And yes, also things like smart pulling.
    It’s not enough to hit someone to piss them off… retreating around a corner to force the target to close with you… that sort of thing.
    I do that already, so I’m not so much thinking of that, but it’s aggro management in a very clear way. Shooting them and standing there is a bad pull — it’s a worse and worse pull the higher level you get, because by level 25 any of the ‘smart’ bad guys can out-distance your snipe. Easily.

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