Well, *I* had a good time…

So, last week, on CoH, I was running a mission with a friend, and we were ICly discussing the Lord of the Rings — it came up because one of the rooms in the ruins we were in kinda looked like Moria… anyway.
In Character, that friend hasn’t seen basically any movies — has read the LotR books, but not seen the flicks. Hang Time is an unrepentant movie-lover, so when the discussion turned to ‘who, out of the Super Group, would you cast as the various characters in the Lord of the Rings’ — this difference of view became apparent, and Hang Time told her she had to come over to his place THE VERY NEXT DAY to watch the movies. It was very off the cuff.
Then, that character’s player and I got together and wrote up what happened. This is the result: Alliance of Champions :: Totally not a Date: Hang Time makes Scorpia watch LOTR.
While some of the jokes only make sense if you know the other members of the SG… some of them are universally funny, in my personal opinion. 🙂
It was very well received by the masses. 🙂

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  1. Read it this afternoon. Very funny. Just as well Velvet wasn’t Eowyn — she’d consider her too broody, too stodgy, too grim. (Kind of funny, coming from her of late.) Actually, if Boromir were a girl …

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