Hang Time’s evolution

About a week ago, playing CoH, I had the chance to pick up a new power on Hang Time, who’s up in the mid-30’s on level now.
Well, let me back up. The way I should say this is: “since I created and started playing Strategist, the grumpy old bastard was involved in a TON of really good roleplay and stories and playing with some really great and interesting people… and fun, upbeat Hang Time was just generally ignored.”
Frustrating. Very much so — to the point where I was actually considering either retiring the character or removing him from the Super Group and just using him as a “Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls” character from then on. There wasn’t anything “going on” with him.
So anyway, I had this power to pick. What I’d been saying up to that point was that I was just going to get this passive thing that made me run a little faster. Not flashy, but very useful on missions.
I decided not to do that. Lee suggested picking up a psuedo invisibility power, due to its usefulness, and I thought of a really, to me… an interesting thing that I could do to explain it that, if it WORKED, *might* …
Okay, this is my unkind thinking about it:
… might make Hang Time deep enough for the folks I was playing with as Strategist to interact with.
These following four posts are about what happened in the next two days after that. Three of the four posts are logs of the events within the game. They are unscripted, improvisational roleplay.
They changed… everything.
And I think they’re pretty fun to read.
Hang Time runs into Barometra and finds out he’s see-though.
“I’ve never wanted to Give Up Before.”
Whiskey Kiss, part 1.
Whiskey Kiss, part 2.
There’s a lot more that’s happened since then, but that’s the core of it.


  1. Interesting that you wanted to take your “fun” character and make him “deep”.
    Also, on a technical note. How are you able to capture the comm text? This would be handy for post meet and greet note taking, instead of having to write down everything on scrapes o paper.

  2. /copychat [nameofchatwindowyouwanttocopy]
    So if the chat window you want to grab is ‘Global’, you’d type:
    /copychat global
    You get a message about the number of lines copied, then you tab to the word processor of your choice and paste it in… cleanup comes after.

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