1. Update:
    I think I got it all.
    The guy rat bastard was using a script to read the wiki pages and create a new page for any ‘orphan’ link… so things like… profile pages for people that never filled theirs in. Et cetera. Anything that looked [Like This]?.
    Should be cleaned up, and a lot harder for that script to do anything now.

  2. Is there any form of acceptable return harassment for mean people like this? Just deleting/restoring can’t be much of a deterrent.

  3. I keep track of my HikiWiki RSS feed, and once or twice a week a particular page will get hacked. I reverse the damage, then slap a password on it. Since I don’t run much of a collaborative wiki (using it more as a content manager for my own lazy ass), that’s not too much of a problem.
    Annoyingly, at least one hacker has put the same pages into a regular rotation script, meaning that a couple of times a day, I get a message showing how s/he was *un*able to do anything on those pages. Still annoying.

  4. Oh, and sorry, Doyce — for some reason I didn’t see this feed, and so didn’t lend a hand. Though it looks like you got it pretty quickly.

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