Dings in Review

As noted, here, since the last update to the Wiki records on the 19th, Hype’s dinged 33, 34, and 35. In the process, Hype and Syn ran the Manticore Task Force on Friday with Psi-Clone (***Dave), Amorpha (Margie), Puck Bunny (Stan), and three other people I’ll categorize as “a mistake to include,” to greater or lesser degrees.
Saturday was just random missions and a really nice team-up at the end of the night.
3 levels in 7 days sounds pretty impressive, until I mention that Shock dinged 47 and 48 in that period of time, so go her.
I think Jackie and I are both trying to get our mains (and I use that term in air-quotes in my case) to 50 before d-day. Jackie might: she’s got 18 bubbles to go. I probably won’t, with 24 left and Jury Duty looming tomorrow.
Very frustrating day on Sunday, with lots of debt and lots bleah, playing HT. Whatever. I’ve run into another 40-45 level contact that still wants to give me missions, which is frustrating as hell since I can’t get the missions I want at MY level and I’m stuck in a bunch of time-wasting things with nothing but blue and white cons (assuming I crank the difficulty up, which then makes the ambushes deadly). Anyway.


  1. Just as a note: Friday night was great fun even though we had one good tank and one bad tank, two good controllers, and one pet-troller. and one odd Blaster. Would of rather of had Avo since he knows what to do and I always have fun teaming with him.
    Sunday night also had some good moments and the tunnel of DOOOOoooom was very scary, and I had no idea that the baddies could be that…bad.
    Yay Nora and Kin for closing in on the 50 goal. Very willing to help you all out in this goal since Puck is looking forward to squidy sitting in September.
    You forgot to mention the task force of TF “ignore” which was very entertaining for me seeing the chatter across the alt channel.
    The Sundy also had me doing my best to get all the lonely people teamed up. Boy what a scary pick up team that was. Lots of anger and blown fuses at the start. No tank and two scrappers, so the tactic was charge-n-hold. The unmentioned Pet-troller was funtional in this setting and they had me to hold everything.
    Puck dinged 32 and 33 this weekend (mostly due to the very purple TF from friday). Played with Singularity. A nice pet. Stays within 30′, is a mini me doing holds, slows, lift, and has a built in repulsion bubble….very handy in hallways. The best way to use it was to put it inbetween me and the mob and let them focus on it instead of me. It doesn’t go wondering off and there is only the one. It only moves if I move, but since it has ranged attacks, I will need to use it only in places that it won’t be able to aggro other mobs, or as a fail safe defense if everything is going down hill quickly.
    With that I was able to get the Aura and the new uni missions done with only one gak per each.

  2. Hmmm…sorry *Three* good controllers and one Pet-troller…I keep thinking that Syn is a defender.

  3. Nope. Syn’s a Defender: Kinetics/Psychic Blast.
    I think you had Singularity during the TF on Friday night, and I have to say I like it as a pet simply because it DIDN’T constantly draw attention to itself.
    Good pets are seen and don’t herd. (Heh.)
    Also: don’t know that the other tank was a *bad* tank, per se — just …
    Well, that’s the thing: with almost any AT, TWO of the same AT is a good thing — two controllers means two sets of holds to stack up on baddies; Two defenders means double the buffs and debuffs and heals; two blasters means double damage.
    Two tankers?
    Two tankers means two guys playing tug of war with The-Rope-That-Is-Aggro, both trying to get the baddie-flag to their end of the mud pit. Doesn’t work.
    Their are VERY few tanks I’ve seen (and even fewer I’ve worked with) that don’t screw up each other’s efforts at crowd control (“We’re going to bring ALL of them HERE.”) They are:
    – Stateswoman. Excellent tank.
    – Seventy-six. Never seen a tank so accomodating of different styles on his teams — the stuff he puts up with would have me cursing a blue streak as Hype.
    – Leroy Jones. Learned by watching Seventy-Six, and if I may be so arrogant, picked up a few crowd-control tricks from Hype.
    Of those, I’ve had the chance to team, as Hype, only with Leroy. Compared to guys like my partner on Friday — no problems whatsoever. To be fair, he was TRYING — he just wasn’t quite pulling it off. Maybe with some practice… eh.

  4. Yep…
    I’ve teamed with him before…A nice tank AT, if he is the only tank. But I think that more then a couple of times you two had two mobs in two different areas. That was when I droped mimi-me…at the farthest back mob so that I could work the near mob…Or on a hallway when things came charging back at me.
    I’ve not really teamed with States…only once and we were with Mac and Abby…so.
    76 and Leroy rock…I will always love to have them on my teams. They are so good that they make me embaressed to run Roben.:)

  5. I wonder what was in the air on Sunday, since several people I’ve talked to have indicated a very blegh kind of day. Anyway, was glad to see you folks, even if briefly. Now tell me more about this “Ignore” TF…

  6. Funny you should say something was in the air, Noelle. I had to jump out of game to talk to Mike (Healing Rayne) about trouble that started over someone walking out on a team earlier in the day mid-mission. Said it set the tone for a very bad day in game for him. He’s talking respec mission now even though (to me) it sounds like his trouble is getting into interesting rp that he can get involved in.
    Oh…and hi! *waves* It’s Scorp. 🙂

  7. Lela…that was the one I was running just you guy’s went poof from the system. Seems that the player in question had a bit of a blow up and has had most of the alts quit the Alliance. Big problems for at least one character RP wise that we are trying to come up with a solution for. Super Villain may have been deleted, or moved to the Hunters, still unsure since the Hunters aren’t so much on the up keep of their files.
    Tell Mike that Puck is on more since last friday, so she’ll be availble for RP goodness.

  8. Such a hullabaloo! The things I miss when I can’t be online as much as the rest of you! But tell Rayne/Mike, if he still wants a respec, I was talking last night to Seven about doing the Freakshow one, and we’d be happy to have him along. Maybe Thursday, depending on whether or not we’ve got everything else going on at the same time.

  9. Hmmmmmmmm.
    Syn and Hype are level 35. THEY could do the respec trial. Might require an exemp of Noelle so that she’s a bit closer to our level (35) than the auto-exemp would be (43)….
    But… yeah?

  10. I could do that. So then it’d just be Hype, Syn, Noelle, and Seven. I’m happy to exempt down. Wanna plan for that for Thursday night, maybe 9pm EDT-ish?
    Also, Kid and Noelle are working up a nice, sweet, date night scene for the forums, and much like in one of my favorite episodes of Buffy, “The Zeppo,” there may be some exciting action happening around the corner, so to speak, and I wanted to see if you — any of you — wouldn’t mind getting involved. There’s a couple of ways we could do it — either with you writing up a big fight scene and posting it between Kid and my posts, or a little more easily, just letting us play with you a little bit — with promises to share stuff with you ahead of time. Or some other way. I’m open to suggestions.
    And yeah, I could throw all this in a PM to you, but this way I don’t have to type it out over and over again. *grins*

  11. Told Mike the stuff you guys said to tell him. We ran the respec for Rayne last night (Skyraiders, since he’s not high enough for Freaks), so he’s working that out on the planner right now. But I was informed that we’re running the Freak respec with you on Thursday, so yay!
    An opportunity to rp with Noelle? As if! J/K 🙂
    I’d love to do that!

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