Forces of Nature

In the process of (a) doing ALMOST all of the Shadow Shard Task Force (b) working through the end of HT’s level 40-45 contacts with both Alliance and pick-up teams which (c) led to a truckload of Arch-Villain battles, HT dinged 46 last week and 47 last night. (I’ve been playing HT a lot, cuz I kinda want to ding 50 before the bebe comes so I can combine my tank/scrapper/blaster love into one handy Kheldian.
47 is a HUGE level, as it is bestows the second-to the-last power HT will ever get (more in a sec), and the ability to slot level 50 enhancements… in other words, the last shopping trip he will ever have to make.
Also, thought I would mention the power I picked up — the pinnacle of the Energy Mastery Epic Power Pool — Force of Nature.
What’s it do? Well, have you ever fought Paragon Protectors? Heh. HT picked up a few things while working with them in the last couple levels, I guess.
You’re nigh-Unhittable. If you GET hit, you take almost no damage (1’s and 2’s). You hit HARDER, and your endurance is essentially under the effect of Recovery Aura. I mean, you can open with Nova, and just keep fighting like nothing happened.
Three minutes. For three minutes, you’re an unstoppable godling — then your Endurance Bar crashes and you have to bang on those blue tabs and heals and shields like crazy, or hope that the fight’s over.
The power takes about ten minutes to come back.
But yeah… to Dave’s comment recently… Hang Time finally is an unstopable Force of Nature. Even got the power to prove it. They should call the thing “God Mode.”
In other news, Strat’s 29. I’m not in a big hurry to level him, though, as he and his partner will be the designated explorers of Croatoa when it comes out, so there’s REALLY no rush there.
Hype and Syn dinged 32 since the last time I posted. Syn did a major respec and dropped a few powers — swapped Boxing in for Kick so she’d stop knocking guys off my burn patch, dropped Siphon Power for the End-sapping, End-gifting Transferral, and picked up the Penultimate kinetics power, Fulcrum Shift — which, combined with the pack of guys clustered around Hype at all times… is just sick.
Hype picked up Tough and with a slot or two he’ll have Smashing and Lethal capped even without Syn around. Cool. I think I know all the powers he’ll get from now to fifty. Looking very cool.
I love playing those two — they’re Unstoppable… +6 bosses… no problem. Piece of cake. Seriously.
Carnie Illusionists… maybe the only thing in the game that might give them pause. Maybe.
Un. Stoppable.