Funny, but not…

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The scene: Four players and a DM are gathered around a kitchen table.
Statesman (in an ominous tone from behind his DM’s cardboard wall): You enter a dark, abandoned warehouse. In the distance you hear the scurrying sound of a rat.
Player 1: Okay, we leave the first room.
Statesman: You enter a long hallway, filled with cobwebs and heavy with the scent of dust. A short distance ahead of you, three Hellions are having a discussion about something, unaware of your presence.
Player 2: I cast Group Invisibility on the team and we all walk past the Hellions.
Statesman: No!
Player 2: No?
Statesman: You have to fight them.
Player 2: But I used Group Invisibility. They can’t see us. We’re walking past.
Statesman: Um…it doesn’t work.
Player 3: What?
Statesman: Yeah, the invisibility doesn’t work because your hats are made from a space-age fabric that is resistant to molecular modification, which is what invisibility does. Because of this, the Hellions have spotted you.
Player 3: That’s absurd.

The whole thing is quite funny… and sad.