1. Which… to be clear, I can only see as a good thing — should keep portal rooms from being so damn crowded with teams going in and out of the same door all the time.

  2. I am assuming that you mean Dreck and his lovable band o’ Freaks.

  3. Yep, it is a good thing. I *hate * farming. One PuG from two weekends ago asked for help for a bank job. We did it…and the told us not to touch the glowie…and went out and said that there were going to do it again.
    I told them there everyone had missions, and some of them even sounded interesting…but no…the reset and went back in. I dropped and went about my business.
    Now…are they going to make the Chimera mission timed too, since that is the other portal room clogging farmed mission.
    Also, remind me to tell you about amusing and yet inept Tanking tales from last week.

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