1. Gratz!
    And glad to have been of help.
    I would expect something would get posted on the CoJ boards — you can do the honors, or I can. 🙂

  2. Congrats! Wasn’t sure if you were doing this tonight or not from the emails, sorry I missed it. Cool action pose photo though.

  3. Congratulations.
    Sorry I missed the actual event, glad I was able to help leading up to it.

  4. Huzzah!
    way to go! I doubt that I can get Puck to 50 by her 1 year mark, but it should be close.

  5. Congratulations!! Now maybe Hype’ll feel better about that “ice slick envy” thing he’s got with Noelle.

  6. Sorry I missed it, too. I guess I was still in the TF when you started, and when I got out, you guys had a team of eight. I didn’t realize you were going for 50 (There were e-mails? Maybe I’d better notify people of my new email address. ), or I’d have said something before you notified me of the happy event.
    Avo’s (and my) CoH anniversary is February 7th. Considering that he’s 1/4 of the way through 49, and I have the third Shard TF coming up in a week, I expect he will hit 50 within the first year.

  7. Oops! I congratulated you in-game, but forgot to do so in my post! Congratulations on your second Hero of the City!

  8. Congrats! Just curious what time it was when you finally dinged.

  9. Umm… wow. I have no idea the exact time, but it will be on the screenshot timestamp I took last night (this is actually Dave’s screenie, which is WAY better than mine — ironic, what with all the 50-ding screenies I’ve taken for other people over the months, that I screwed mine up).
    It was… hmm… well, before eleven, for sure.
    Really wanted to ding on Psychic Babbage, but the Psychic Babbage Ownage made that a non-starter 🙂

  10. Very cool, and very GOOD group — I mean… I filled SIX bubbles in a little over four hours at level 49 — that’s amazing.
    Dinging fifty was nice, but honestly…
    well, I’ll tell you what I’ll remember about last night:
    – Finally getting to play with Lil Tessa! (and player of same)
    – Standing right next to Tess, AND Psi-Clone, AND Amorpha, when each of THEM dinged — it was cool that all three of you were not only on-screen, but RIGHT next to me when you dinged your levels.
    – Li’s awful OOC jokes and Puck *laughing* at them. *ducks* (I don’t know if that’s ‘remembering’ as much as ‘flashbacks’ 🙂
    “Is it a Spacely Sprocket?” *groans*

  11. I had a blast playing Tessa with everyone last night.
    Especially with the Mr. Clone interaction. 😉
    I have to say that you guys tolerated her much better than some of the other teams I’ve played with. Most people don’t seem to deal well with a hyperactive 10 year old. LOL
    I like the idea of Hype being the ‘big brother’ from the Rec Center too. Heaven knows she could use a mentor.
    Thanks again for letting me play with you guys. 🙂

  12. Again, sure wish I’d been there. Sounds like tons o’ fun. Heck, I might have dinged 50 as well!
    Doyce, how soon after you dinged did you notify me? My chat log puts that at 21:55:25 PST.

  13. Avo,
    Probably 20 minutes or so… so, somewhere around 10:30.
    I think it was literally like 5 minutes or less after you logged off last night, Lori.

  14. My jokes weren’t awful! Puck liked them. *isn’t sure whether that’s an endorsement,..*

  15. Doyce, my chat log shows the time as 00:43:39..that is when Psi-Clone said (gratz)..approximately 1 minute later Hype asked about is any shots were taken. ( I’m on EST if that makes any difference to the c-log timer)

  16. Cool. that’s when it was, then (10:43) 🙂 Now Lori knows 🙂

  17. Oh tank you kindly. (giggle)
    If I had only hung on for just a little longer……

  18. I did the same thing when I hit 50, my last mission of my own on my way to 50 I think was at 47 finishing up the first Praetorian arc, then I street swept around Peregrine for about half of what I had left and rode along on other peoples AV missions the rest of the way.
    Kin’ still hasn’t finished any of the 45-50 arcs ( though about half-way through the Carnie and Malta ones ), just have been busy helping people with their own missions or on with other alts or CoV lately. ( Need the badges from the Malta and Praet’ arcs still! Grrrrr! )

  19. I think I’m halfway or most of the way through the Malta 45-50 arc. We could get the gang — excuse me, the clique — together and run through it for the badge, if you want.

  20. I’m starting to salivate everytime someone says ‘clique’.
    I just get so damn *HOT*.
    ((And to the point: Malta-arc is The Swexy. Sign me up.))

  21. I love that I’ve brought about a fun new phrase. I swear, The Swexy will replace Fetch as the ultimate trendy saying. Just you wait. Paris Hilton will mutter it any moment.
    Of course, she’s be drunk and won’t remember it the next day, but that’s why we have tabloids.

  22. Huh.
    Hype dinged 50 almost…
    Almost exactly one year from the day HT joined the Phalanx.
    It might have BEEN exactly a year. I need to look when I get a chance.

  23. No…Ana was very funny…Then again I was very much in the mood for silly after what this week has been like.
    Some great jokes…and I was greatly entertained everytime Li flew backwards over Puck.

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