1. Will get one tonight. Did we decide on a time? And how many levels can I get tonight? I think four in about 40 minutes is a new record for me. Hell, I know it is!

  2. After the all the laughter from Regnad Kcin saturday(I laughed until I hurt 🙂 )…Roll one up Mal, you’ll fit right in with your sense of humor. 😀

  3. Next Monday, we’re doing the Hollows apparently, so if you’re not at least level 5, get there by then. 🙂

  4. I understood that Wikis were modifiable by readers. Is there a way for me to add CF’s origin to his page, so visitors can learn a little about him?

  5. Sure, Avo — just go to that page, click “edit” and type to your hearts content… probably want to put the text between the code that links to the first picture and the “HostessHeroes” link.
    Let me know if you have questions.

  6. Fyi: before the Hollows thing next Monday, I’ve got the Negotiator badge mission ready to go. Since it’s timed I left it with Tony Kord, but I can get it right away.

  7. I’m kinda liking the whole idea that Ginger’s not going to get any missions of her own. Not a one.

  8. Okay, I pasted his origin in there. Thanks!
    Brownie points (Ooh, another character idea!) to anybody who knows where his “real name” comes from.

  9. So I made Slim Jhim ( Slim Jim was taken ) who is obviously a science experiment of some sort ( what the frick are IN those slim jim sticks? you tell me it is meat, but no meat I know is flaky and snaps. ).
    Right now, a Def Kin/Sonic because I’ve been thinking of trying one of those. Might remake as a MA/Regen Scrapper ( You are made of meat… Must eat more meat… Munchies bad… ) or something else, but I got a name at least.

  10. Twinkie’s pics and Bio are up. Must..resist..urge..to make…fire/fire tank…named..HOT FRIES….

  11. Oh, and I thought this morning of another hero named “Little Debbie.” Clearly, her battle cry would be “Unwrap this!”

  12. Brownie points (Ooh, another character idea!) to anybody who knows where his “real name” comes from posted by Avocet
    Emil Kilnger was a janitor in the hospital Flash Thompson worked in as a doctor in Spider-man comics a few years ago.
    (scary ain’t it?)

  13. Hmm… If it was, they stole the name from another source.
    Emil Klinger was the name of the police sergeant who allowed the drunken Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant) his one phone call in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 masterpiece (in my opinion – it *is* my favorite film of all time) “North by Northwest.”

  14. All right…
    Finally posted the Oreo of Justice’s bio, but I don’t know how to get her headshot in there. Help?

  15. I’ve added Brownie Points and Fig Neutron to the Wiki, but they don’t have their own pages for me to post their bios on. I read up on links, but there needs to be a page to link to, it seems. Is that something I can do, or does it have to be done by the person hosting the pages (assuming that’s the correct terminology)?

  16. Avo,
    To create references to other pages, either [[double bracket]] words to make those words into a link to the new page (such as [[Fig Neutron]]), or concatenate two or more capitalized words, and the Wiki will make the words into a link to the new page, when you save (Such as BrowniePoints). Either of these things will automatically create a hyperlink to the new page. Once you save the page, just click on the link to the New Subject?, and the wiki will open the new page for you, blank, and ready for your typing goodness.

  17. And just so you know, I did that with Fig and Brownie, so the links are ready for you.

  18. Ah! I saw the concatenated names, but thought that was some oddity that occurred when the page was saved. I didn’t think to try it myself.
    Okay, I posted the info, but I can’t get the pictures up. It displays the URLs followed by a link to “approve sites,” which just opens the page I’m editing without any of my current changes.
    Now what?

  19. Aha. If I save the page, then click the link, up pups a box requiring a password.

  20. Attentive is right! That took no time at all!
    So what’s the procedure for posting these things, then? If we want to add a link to a photo, do we let you know so you can approve it?
    I know Sean wants to poste some. Hey, Sean, did you upload your photos to a hosting site like Photobucket.com? That’s what I did, and then I pasted the link in there with my bio. Originally, of course, Doyce had us email the photos to him for hosting on his site.
    Oh, I also added a bulleted list showing the Origin/AT and the powersets. Ooh, and my thanks to whoever added the italics in Funyun’s bio! I’ve done the same with my others.

  21. Our roster is incomplete. When Brownie Points was inducted, we got the Prestige bonus for a 15th member. Who’s missing? Slim Jhim and at least one other…

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