NOT CoH Plans #1

Xian Quan — still very much interested. Need to look at the different ways we can run this, online.
FACE TO FACE — let’s see:
I’d also like to play through the end of Spring Fountain.
Those of you in XQ — are your characters done… or even an idea pitched to me?
Those of you in Spring Fountain — are you down for starting that up again?


  1. Spring Fountain –
    I’m just concerned about whether we could get Robert back and what nights you would plan on doing this.
    And of course one of our players now lives in South Dakota (not that he ever played that much to begin with).

  2. Bah. Dropping the ball.
    Excuse me as I try and chase it down.
    Found it!
    Oh, bugger.
    Is that a bus coming my way?

  3. I believe my Xian Quan character is complete ( unless I change my mind and tweak skills and creation points again ).

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