1. After completing one newspaper mission last night, Raven got a Mayhem Mission. They apparently replace the regular heist missions that show up after every few newspaper missions.
    It was fun at first, but after trashing so many of each type of item, you seem to stop getting bonus time for them. I was sent to a section of Independence Port to rob a bank and fight a Hero. I went to the waypoint and entered the building, found a hostage, and was at a loss as to what to do next.
    Turns out that was one of the random side quests (never saw that I had gotten a key). The bank was in a different location, marked with a store icon. Robbed the bank, and noticed a new waypoint on the map, a prison. Unfortunately, not enough time remaining to get there, and no more bonus time available, apparently.
    The Hero was easy enough to beat. I was warned that if I took a lot of villains with me, a particular Hero (presumably much tougher) might take notice.
    So, it was fun, but the periodic nature of the thing means that it alone probaly won’t make me want to play any more than I already do. Maybe with a team it would be different. I wonder how many different types of side quests there are.

  2. Because there are exploration badges for each of the zones you’ll get sent to, my (level 40) girlfriend joined up with me on my first Mayhem outing with my (yeah, yeah) Thugs MM.
    How they expect a lowbie to accomplish much “mayhem” is beyond me. I could barely manage to take down a car or large box here and there. The cops were easy enough (and defeating them/Longbow are a good way to earn more time), but… argh. Once the main mish was done and we found the exploration point, she bailed. Of course THEN I found the Bone Daddy with the key to the side mission, which I completed to earn four extra minutes of time. Considering the side mish took about that long… eh. The law-enforcement waves during the side mish helped.
    I totally see Mayhem Missions as being a lark for higher-level toons and a necessary evil at the lower end. We’ll see, though.

  3. And… yeah. Markov went from zero to debt-cap in his first mayhem mission. Just call me the Nostradamus of sucking.

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